Offering A New Approach To Education

Offering A New Approach To Education




Expert Educators impart academic knowledge led and guided by children’s interests and passions.


Close community of friends online and offline with regular meet-ups and excursions.

Entrepreneurial Skills

Entrepreneurial thinking drives our Wednesday’s Young Entrepreneur’s Club.

Future Focused Online Learning

Lions Education is about freedom for our children, so here at Lions we have thought carefully about what that means for our children.

We want the very best for our children in this ever-changing world. We want something alternative, but not every parent is a teacher too.
Teaching is a life’s work, and our educators are dedicated to fostering the love of learning within a child. Our goal is to nurture that seed of a love of learning that every child comes into this world with.
We want our children to be the creators of their own life and have every opportunity for success.

Our Philosophy

Lions Education is all about creating a new approach to home-school education for everyone. We believe that from young to old, we never stop learning.

Our mission is to help everyone learn, from students to parents, even the educators themselves, to keep learning, no matter where you are in life. Socrates, the father of philosophy, once said “All I know is that I know nothing”. And let’s face it, he was right.

Everyone at Lions Education comes from a place of curiosity and we wish to nurture ongoing questioning, critical thinking and open discussion without suppression or discrimination.

Our core values include tolerance, compassion, patience, respect for human rights, and a love for diversity.

Let’s go and have some fun making this world a better place, starting by reinventing the education system.

Knowledge is power. Let’s all think freely and enjoy education!

Regardless of age, gender, religion, race or any other funky thought that ever came into anyone’s’ mind!

We are all one.

Amor Vincit Omnia – Love Conquers All

Who We Are

We are a team of Parents and Educators who have realised that home schooling and education in general could be done better. 

Inspired by home learning during lockdowns, we realised that so much of the way our children were being taught could be done better. Now just how they are learning but what they are being taught. 

We were inspired to provide a better education for our own children.

How We Do It

Lions Education offers online education for 3hrs per day, Monday to Friday, plus optional self-paced independent learning with qualified Educators. In small groups of 5 to 12 students online lessons cover the core subjects of the curriculum.

This gives children and their families more flexibility and freedom to enjoy more quality time together. It also allows children the time to find their passion and invest time in honing skills they could not do at school.

Where Children Thrive in a Safe, Social & Inclusive Environment Free of Bullying & Peer Pressure

What We Do

1. Live online lessons

Small groups of children at similar levels of ability (not age specific), run by professional qualified educators, Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 12.15 (NSW Timezone).

2. Help families apply for homeschooling

Help with the application and also help maintain records of their children’s’ work.

3. Arrange regular social gatherings, events, camping trips

Provide a social network in for the students and families at Lions Education.

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Joining Lions - How it Works


Register Your Interest
With Lions

Fill in this form and someone from our team will call you back to schedule a suitable time for a discovery call.

call (2)


During the discovery call you will have the opportunity to speak to one of our head educators about your child, the family, your learning goals and ask any questions you might have for us.



During the observation day students will have an opportunity to experience first hand how the learning at Lions works.


Enrollment Call / Evaluation & Agreement Meeting

After the observation day we will mutually evaluate if Lions is a good fit for the student, and families decide whether to commit to joining Lions.

During this call students and parents meet with the Director of Lions for a formal mutual agreement on the following 3 points:

We always

1. Treat each other with respect

2. Go the extra mile

3. Have each other’s backs

Once an agreement is made, formal onboarding will commence, including setting up of payment methods and payment of onboarding fees.


Tech Lesson then Start learning with Lions

Once a student has been formally accepted, we go ahead and set up a number of accounts in the various resources they might need access to, for example Lions Cloud Storage, Lions Talk App, Google Classroom, Education Perfect and others.

During the Tech Lesson students will be guided 1-on-1 by one of our experts to ensure they are familiar with all systems they will use and that everything is set up properly on their computer.

Once the Tech Lesson is done, students are ready to hit the ground running and start their journey with Lions Education.

We hope they will not only learn valuable lessons and skills, but also make friendships that will last for life.

How it Works

The homeschooling application process

Whilst you do not need to be registered for homeschooling to learn with Lions, most families will choose to register their children for homeschooling with their local education body.

The process is pretty simple and you can do it yourself or you can choose to engage our team to help you make the whole process as seamless as it can be.

Our team are always there to help you along the way on this process.

The homeschooling registration process involves the following steps:

  1. Submit your application with NESA (or your local state department if outside of NSW)
  2. Wait for approx 2 to 10 weeks
  3. Submit your learning plan (Lions can help you prepare the learning plans)
  4. Have a meeting with the Authorised person from NESA (Don’t be scared, the homeschooling team at NESA are a lovely bunch of people who are there to help families who want to homeschool. They are not out to make your life difficult)
  5. Keep your records of learning and have either annual or bi-annual review meetings with NESA

Welcome Video from Director Andre Quin

The Benefits Of Homeschooling with Lions

  • Better family connection
  • Less exposure to unwanted factors
  • No teenage rebellion
  • Less stress for parents
  • Better education in less time
  • More time for passion and development of useful skills
  • Better health because of better food and more exercise
  • All ages learning and playing together in a co-ed setting
  • No uniforms
  • Earlier more meaningful careers

Approaching Home Learning As A Pride Vs On Your Own

  • Traditionally home schooling was done in isolation or a small coop setting
  • At Lions we approach home schooling together as a pride, in order to provide a larger social environment for both children as well as parents and to be able to collectively source tutors to help our children learn the academic requirements to progress in life.
  • A broad set of talents and skills shared among the students and parents

Little Lions is Coming 2024

Perfect for younger 6-8 years old

Lions Magic Mornings

Imagine a school…

Instead of starting the day with a roll call and loud “take out your books” instead it’s more like…

“Sit in a comfortable position, check that your back is up straight. Rest your hands gently in your lap and close your eyes.” And then, for the next 10 minutes children begin to focus on their breath, meditate or engage in other breathing exercises to set their day.

At Lions, the Educators know that starting our day with grounding exercises like Wim Hoff Breath work, Meditation, breathing exercises, Qigong or yoga will give them the tools to handles stressful situations, calm and set their minds to prepare for learning and better attend to and have more focused attention on what needs to get done.

For many of us, meditation is something we may have picked up later in life, but at Lions, our children are learning these life changing skills young. They are experiencing the benefits from a young age so they can learn to navigate the emotional rollercoaster of growing up.

Our magic morning sets the perfect tone for the rest of the learning day. We are calm, centered and intentional in our thoughts. Lions learners are cultivating self awareness, leading to making good choices and a spirit of compassion and empathy towards others.

Writing by Student, Age 15. “I AM” Writing Prompt.

Lions Magic Mornings - Writing

Every day, just after our grounding or movement exercises, Lions children (and Educators!) write, for 7 minutes, uninterrupted in their writer’s notebooks.

We love creating this dedicated time for the children to write freely, express themselves, share their work and reflect on their growth. We value writing daily and understand the huge benefit it has for our children.

  • Writing improves with practice. Much like a sport, we must practise small bits each day to get any better.

  • Writing requires focused attention which all students need to be developing.

  • Writing provides a creative outlet. Seeing the growth in the children’s creativity warms our hearts.

  • Writing boosts vocabulary. Watch the children’s vocab soar. Writing consolidates new vocabulary and gives us opportunities to use and apply our new words.

  • Writing organises our thoughts and ideas- Writing improves communication, analytical, critical and reasoning skills all at the same time.

  • Writing daily allows for self reflection and self evaluation. The kids will see their writing blossom.

“Writing is thinking. To write well is to think clearly. That’s why it’s so hard.”

But at Lions we persevere and this dedicated time and pushing through the ‘hard’ is paying off. We LOVE seeing our children’s growth and development in their writing and especially love seeing how proud the children are of themselves.

After all, writing is not desk work, it’s life work. 

Give Your Child A Head Start In Life

The Lions Education Team

At Lions Education, we understand that the terms “teacher” and “educator” are not synonymous and believe in the significance of using the latter to describe our staff. While both a teacher and an educator may instruct students, an educator goes above and beyond in their approach to education. Instead of just delivering information, educators strive to instill a deep understanding in students, helping them to not just remember facts, but to truly grasp the concepts being taught. Additionally, an educator seeks to inspire students and encourage their personal growth, rather than just focusing on meeting academic goals.

Our educators aim to create an educational experience that fosters a love of learning and encourages students to pursue their passions. They inspire students to take learning into their own hands and encourage their growth throughout the discovery process. Unlike many teachers who simply focus on delivering information and completing the daily syllabus, our educators understand that a student’s education extends beyond just the classroom. They aim to provide valuable life lessons and help students grow as individuals, not just academically.

At Lions Education, we are proud to call our highly qualified and experienced staff “educators” to showcase our commitment to providing a holistic educational experience. Our educators are more than just teachers, they are dedicated individuals who believe in the power of education to inspire and transform students’ lives.


Amanda Kane



Annali DeMamiel



Bianca Raslan


Lindsay Taylor - Lions Education

Lindsay Taylor



Jess Jones



Zane Ryder

Co Founder, Parent


Andre Quin

Director, Co Founder, Parent

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