Lions E-Books

The Incredible Culmination of an Integrated Curriculum

Our secondary students had an enriching and transformative learning experience. They explored and learnt about the pillars of positive psychology, social and emotional learning, how to rewire the brain and create positive habits, how our microbiome affects us, the gut-brain connection, neuroscience and so much more.

This learning sparked the realisation that information like this is not readily available for teens- the ones who need it most. The kids wanted to share this important stuff they were learning about with others so they too could use these tools to navigate the challenges of being a teen.

So, they decided to write Ebooks for teens! Our students had this unique opportunity to apply the knowledge and insight they had gained and share it in their own language; a language that teens know best.

These ebooks are personal, heartwarming, informative and life changing. We hope you enjoy them and share them with teens you know who might need to read them.

Written by Zahlia, Lions Student

Written by Mehz, Lions Student

Written by Elle, Lions Student

Written by Alex, Lions Student

Written by Dimitry, Lions Student

Written by Mehr, Lions Student

Written by Sarah, Lions Student