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Who We Are

Parents and educators who have realised that home schooling and education in general could be done better. 

What We Do

1. Live online lessons

Small groups of children at similar levels of ability (not age specific), run by professional qualified educators, Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 12.15 (NSW Timezone).

2. Help families apply for homeschooling

Help with the application and also help maintain records of their children’s’ work.

3. Arrange regular social gatherings, events, camping trips

Provide a social network in for the students and families at Lions Education.

The Lions Education Team


Amanda Kane


My name is Amanda. I’m a passionate, energetic and highly qualified classroom teacher, literacy coach and reading specialist. I first expressed my calling for teaching in my early childhood as I role played ‘school’.

I feel grateful that I followed my aspirations and get to live out my purpose of guiding and coaching children to realise their potential. I have a Bachelor of Education and Master of Literacy with 25 years working in a range of public, private and independent schools in Sydney, Atlanta, Georgia and Far North Queensland. My time working in Wujal Wujal an Indigenous community just south of Cooktown, provided a profound start to my teaching career and one which has been the seed for my philosophy, values and beliefs around educating children. I believe in nurturing and building on a child’s strengths and honoring and valuing their own ways of thinking and learning.

Taking a holistic approach to learning also ensures relationship quality is at the center of all I do. I value building a positive working relationship with my students and take the time to get to know them and ensure they have opportunities to get to know me too! I believe it takes a village to educate our children and love to work collaboratively to ensure the best outcomes are met for our kids. My time on Cape York also fuelled a passion I have around developing a deeper understanding and respect for our First Nations Australians. I work to embed Indigenous perspectives into my lessons and honour the story and history of our First Nations people. For all students, this ensures a more accurate and richer understanding of Australia’s history and culture and a meaningful understanding of situations we face today. As an Indigenous ally my aim is to continue to learn, reflect, listen and actively work together towards reconciliation.

As well as teaching in the classroom, I spent many years running real food workshops and teaching people how to make fermented foods like kombucha, milk kefir and fermented veggies. You will often find me in the kitchen testing out a new recipe or other days at the beach, doing yoga or pilates or out exploring nature with my son.


Annali DeMamiel


My name is Annali, I am a proud Educator at Lions.

My life is dedicated to seeking knowledge and wisdom, exploring nature, playing, learning new skills, and empowering children through Quality Education.

I graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor of Primary Teaching/Arts with a Major in Aboriginal Studies. Since then, I have taught every grade from kindergarten to year 6 in both classroom and online formats.

My teaching philosophy is an intuitive approach, paying close attention to the development of the whole child. Every child is unique in their learning journey and my endeavour is to provide every child with exactly what they need. I am always working on my craft and my own development to serve the children in front of me to my fullest extent.

I believe that a high level of Literacy and Numeracy gives us the freedom and empowerment to create a positive future. My mission is to present it to children with joy and facilitate a deep love of learning.

Every day the students at Lions prove to me that they are the future of our world- they are wise beyond their years, kind-hearted and so willing to learn. They give me inspiration every day and I am so proud to be a part of this beautiful movement. I see a bright future in their eyes.


Bianca Raslan


I am Bianca, a secondary trained educator. I studied a double degree, a Bachelor of Education (Secondary: Humanities and Social Sciences) and Bachelor of Arts (Human Resource Management and History). I have taught an array of humanities and social science subjects to both junior and senior students.

Throughout my journey, I led and coordinated Literacy as a subject. I have co-developed a school-wide Literacy program to support and improve the reading, writing, grammar and punctuation skills of students. Similarly, I co-developed a Literature Enrichment Program for Year 9 gifted and talented students to further improve and enhance their understanding of texts and concepts.

I am a progressive and curious educational leader and narrator seeking to future-proof the gifts of learning through cultural changes, exposure, mindset, rigour and habits. As an educator, I continually strive for ways to enhance learner wellbeing and make learning accessible, transformative and of the highest values of learners, staff and the wider community.

The reason I teach is to impart knowledge on children, in the hope that they find their own joy for learning. Education is more than just teaching the curriculum, it is about nurturing the whole child and teaching lifelong skills needed to excel in this ever changing world we live in.

Most important to me, literacy is power, freedom and opportunities.

Lindsay Taylor - Lions Education

Lindsay Taylor


My name is Lindsay, it is my pleasure to be working with the Lions team and the Lions children, throughout Australia.

I have been gifted with an enthusiasm for the life around me and a thirst to understand what is behind the visible, and how things work. So, I am blessed to ignite this curiosity in my students, your children, and to enable them to have fun as they apply their learning through project-based tasks.

I have spent a significant amount of my working career in industry, in laboratories, and chemical manufacturing organisations. I gained my Honours degree in Chemistry, well, let’s say a long time ago!

Since that time, I have built successful businesses in the health care industry, managed health, safety and environmental departments, then began a teaching career in Science, my passion, I qualified here in Australia, after moving from England in 2007 and have spent the last nine years teaching Science from years 7 to 11 in both the public and private schooling systems.

It is my pleasure to work with the children and open up the world around them. To
provide a fun learning environment, whether that is building aquaponic systems or
applying their learning to their interests. I desire to make the learning accessible to all students, of all abilities, and encourage sharing of ideas in a relaxed environment.

I hope you will come and join us, and experience the freedom of learning in your own backyard.


Jess Jones


I’m Jess and I’m from Cairns, Queensland. I am passionate about the learning and social-emotional development of young people, and their empowerment to create positive futures. I have teaching experience in a wide range of settings including Online Learning / Distance Education, Flexible Learning for at-risk young people, University Lecturing for (adult) students of Arts Education (Bachelor and Masters degrees), Project-Based Learning and Steiner Education.

I’ve also supported adult learners in a Community Services work experience and Certificate training context. My curriculum areas include Arts, Humanities and English. I have a Bachelor of Contemporary Arts, Graduate Diploma of Education, Certificate IV Training and Assessment, and Certificate IV Small Business Management.

I’m excited about the work we are doing at Lions as it is an important part of building new ways of working and learning beyond the current established systems: we are working towards more freedom and independence so we can create a world in alignment with our core human needs and values. Personally, I’m really interested in community-based solutions, empowering people, transparency in leadership and organising, and heart-centred authentic connection. I see Lions Education as part of this movement.


Zane Ryder

Co Founder, Parent

I am Zane, Co-Founder of Lions Education; I am also a Director of a Website and Online Marketing Company.

As a mother of three children, I am incredibly passionate and excited about Lions Education. My passion is driven by the goal to create an environment where we can cultivate a love of learning in our children. In addition, I believe we better prepare our children for the future by creating a place that nurtures creativity, curiosity, confidence and independence.

If our children are inspired and curious about the world they live in, we are working to create a better society for everyone. By preparing them to approach their lives with the skills to make informed, compassionate and reasonable decisions, we pave the way to a kinder future.

I would love Lions Education to grow to ensure all children have the chance to experience a new approach to education. I look forward to working with all involved to bring the dreams I have for our little ones to fruition.


Andre Quin

Director, Co Founder, Parent

My name is Andre Quin; I am the director and co-founder of Lions Education, where our goal is to create a new approach to education that adequately prepares students for a rapidly changing and evolving future. Along with my Lions Education role, I am the CEO of a software company and non-executive director in a high rise building maintenance company.

In my free time, I passionately teach the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu! Having grown up in Switzerland, I speak multiple languages fluently; I have also studied Latin for five years and am familiar with the standard subjects taught at school.

I am a firm believer in nurturing curiosity, questioning everything and encouraging critical thinking, and cultivating tolerance, compassion, empathy with a love for diversity. I am passionate about this cause and believe that education is the most powerful tool available to positively shape society and our loved ones’ future. Maintaining respect for one another, protecting human rights, and the right to choose are not negotiable for me.

I am incredibly passionate and excited about this project and look forward to seeing Lions Education become the biggest learning hub in Australia.

With a vision to have more students than any other school in Australia, we aim to have every one of our students capable of thinking freely. We want them to make decisions for themselves, not based on what they are told. Instead, we empower our students to make educated decisions based on facts that they can research themselves. Our goal is to ensure our children are sophisticated, street smart, capable of reading between the lines and taught skills to help navigate the future.

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