Little Lions

Introducing Little Lions, the latest addition to our suite of educational services tailored to meet the
needs of your budding learners who are navigating the early stages of reading and digital literacy.

Conducted Monday to Friday from 1:15 pm to 2:45 pm, our 90-minute sessions include a brief break to allow students to refresh.

Ideal for homeschooled children seeking targeted guidance in reading, writing, and mathematics, Little Lions offers expert instruction in a structured learning environment.

Within our Little Lions classes, your child will benefit from specialized teaching in small groups, fostering socialisation and meaningful discussions. Our class sizes are intentionally small, ensuring each student receives personalised attention and explicit instruction, while also enjoying the advantages of collaborative learning.

These sessions provide a platform for children to engage in discussions with peers, refine their communication skills, and, most importantly, forge new friendships.

Little Lions is committed to providing a nurturing space where young minds flourish through expert guidance and interactive group dynamics.

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