Little Lions

Introducing Little Lions, the latest addition to our suite of educational services tailored to meet the
needs of your budding learners who are navigating the early stages of reading and digital literacy.

Designed for children aged 6-8, Little Lions offers two 45-minute lessons per week packed with interactive tech explorations, literacy adventures, and mathematical discoveries.

Led by our expert primary educator, Annali, these engaging sessions are tailored to suit the unique learning needs of young minds. 

In a world where technology is rapidly advancing, we understand the importance of providing children with essential digital literacy skills. While we advocate for limited screen time, these bite-sized lessons offer a perfect balance, preparing children for the technological challenges of tomorrow. 

Little Lions is the perfect supplement for your homeschool at the NSW stage 1 level (6-8 year olds).

What’s included: >
  • 2 x 45 minute small group LIVE ZOOM sessions with an expert educator (Annali) each week
  • Homeschool tasks posted each week for your child to do as part of your homeschooling routine with a focus on bookwork
  • Outcomes provided for each lesson and task
  • Weekly feedback on independent tasks
  • Comprehensive report at the end of semester
  • General homeschool support (comprehensive learning plans available at an additional cost)
Why you and your child will love it:
  • Learn with friends in a fun and enjoyable environment
  • Small groups ensure quality student/teacher time
  • Take the pressure of decision making in your homeschool (what do I teach this week!?)
  • Take the pressure of homeschool learning plans as lessons are linked to outcomes
  • Expose your child to a range of quality literature
  • Less screen time
  • Focus on book work and handwriting

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