Free Handbook – Nourishing our body, family and community

We are proud to be offering our term 2 unit handbook to homeschooling families across Australia for FREE!

As we created this term’s Unit of Study, we just knew more families needed to have access to it.
We hope you love it as much as we do! x


55 pages of traditional diet fundamentals for your own homeschool program, including two project outlines, sample outcomes, recommended activities and practical outlines. You can use this handbook in your own homeschool, and it can be tweaked to suit children from ages 8 to 16 with your support. 

The first 6 weeks contain practical components, where students practise the cooking skills themselves and learn about knife safety and kitchen skills. Food safety and food presentation is also covered. Also included is valuable information and stories about the importance of a balanced traditional diet, with some background information about broths, fermentation and sprouting grains-  based on Sally Fallon’s classic, “Nourishing Traditions.”

This unit has a two part project component- including a video production and a homemakers book. All the information about the project is included inside. 

We hope you enjoy the term 2 handbook, and to our current students- we are so excited to see you and dive into the practicals together.