Our Unique Curriculum ~ The Lions’ Way

Holistic Integrated Curriculum

What does an integrated curriculum mean?

How is your curriculum student driven?

What subjects do you cover?

Can I enrol for separate classes?

Because our integrated and holistic approach to learning doesn’t offer isolated subject lessons, we cannot provide enrolment for separate classes. We’ve found that delivering lessons in this compartmentalised way often leaves students disconnected from the bigger picture, causing abstract information to get lost in translation. At Lions, every lesson is intricately connected to the broader curriculum, ensuring that students engage with a holistic learning experience rather than isolated fragments. We do however offer a ‘one day a week’ subscription for our Passion Pursuit Wednesday Program.

Prioritising Social and Emotional Wellbeing

How do we foster this and why is it so crucial?

Personalised Learning Journey & Dynamic Groups

How do we ensure every child's unique learning needs are met at Lions?

Student - Teacher Ratio

How many kids are in a class?

At Lions, we prioritise maintaining a student-teacher ratio that allows for personalised attention and meaningful interaction. With an average class size of about 8-10 students, educators have the opportunity to closely monitor each child’s progress and provide tailored support and feedback. Additionally, we employ various groupings such as learning pods of 3 or pairs, as well as larger group activities, to foster collaborative learning experiences. The Lions Way is informed by theories like Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development and Bandura’s Social Learning Theory, emphasising the importance of peer interaction and collective learning in the educational process.

Homeschool Application

Can you help with our homeschool application learning plan?

We certainly can. We offer a comprehensive learning plan which comes with an interview and complete document tailored to the specific needs of your child. Of course there will be areas for your input and we offer a collaborative writing process where you can make changes or additions where needed. All core subjects are accounted for with outcomes linked to the Australian curriculum. 


Do the kids get to socialise? Do they meet up in real life?

They sure do! And, they make friendships for life. We have our largest hub in the Sydney – Newcastle area with a growing hub in the Brisbane- Byron area. As well, Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne are our more recent and growing hubs. The kids attend simultaneous excursions on the same day in their city and in the sydney area the kids organise meet ups every other weekend. We also get together on a school camp each term! These camps are organised well in advance and we have families fly in and drive from all over Australia to attend. It’s what makes our community so unique.