Lions Fees and Enrolments


"It takes a village to Educate a Child"

The heart of what we do all begins with relationships.

We are proud to have educators on board who are invested for the long journey.

That’s what makes us unique in a sea of online learning resources for homeschoolers.

Lions Education provides a different way of learning when school and traditional homeschooling are just not the right fit.


Lions Education Subscription

Suitable for homeschooled children aged 8-16

  • LIVE small classes, covering core academics, from 9am-12.15pm AEST, Monday to Friday with experienced and qualified educators
  • Connection with Lions community
  • Access to Google classroom with relevant work and activities for each lesson and with saved files of ‘quality work samples’ for any Homeschooling Review
  • Access to the online Lions community via Next Cloud app
  • Termly overview letters, explaining the unit of inquiry for the term
  • Detailed report every semester outlining your child’s achievements, growth and highly personal general comment. (also can be included in Homeschool review materials)
  • Prompt communication regarding anything your child might be struggling with or needs extra support with
  • Exciting excursions organised once or twice per term (aligned with educational standards)- excursions incur extra cost
  • Fortnightly meetups in Sydney or Brisbane area , often meeting at the park, beach or rock climbing (more around Australia opening up soon)
  • Additional resources provided at request

Wednesday Only Subscription

Passion Pursuit Program

Unleash your creativity and curiosity with our unique Passion Pursuit Program, available exclusively on Wednesdays. Discover new interests and pursue your passions with hands-on projects tailored to your preferences and guided by our expert educators.

Paid per week
(based on 10 week term)

$110 per week

Paid per term
(based on 10 week term)

$990 per term

Lions Education Full Subscription

Immerse yourself in a comprehensive learning experience with our Full Subscription, offering live online lessons Monday to Friday from 9 am to 12:15 pm. Engage in core subjects led by expert educators and benefit from small class sizes with flexible groupings tailored to your child’s learning needs.

Lions Education offers a comprehensive program that prioritises relationships, ensuring every student feels supported and valued. 

Paid per week
(based on 10 week term)

$395 per week

Paid per term
(based on 10 week term)

$3750 per term

Paid per year

$12000 per year

Little Lions

Mondays & Wednesdays 1.00-1.45pm

Nurture your child’s curiosity and love for learning with our Little Lions program. Delivered by our expert primary educator, Annali, these live, small-group lessons offer an immersive experience in literacy, mathematics and introductory technology for kids aged 7-8. With two 45-minute sessions per week, your child will embark on an exciting journey of discovery and exploration.

Paid per week
(based on 10 week term)

$70 per week

Paid per term
(based on 10 week term)

$600 Per Term

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